Hair in Review

hello love!

I wanted to wish you and yours Happy Holidays & a very Merry Christmas!

hair in review    Styles top to bottom L to R: frohawk, twistout,  faux loc mohawk, faux loc bun, large bantu knots, asymmetrical bob, mini twists in a pompadour, bow bun, mini bantu knots Continue reading


What I Wore: Wknd Edition

the weekend may be over, but the memories live on.

mm1For what I wore check below…

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Product Review: Nancy’s Kitchen Products

winner winner chicken dinner!

At the last natural hair event I attended I was the lucky winner of Nancy’s Kitchen Products and several other goodies you can see here.  At the time I still had mini twists in, but after a quick whiff of the products I vowed that I would wash my hair using NKP.


Nancy’s Kitchen Silk Buttercream Cleansing Wash I Nancy’s Kitchen Silk Buttercream Hair Growth Oil I  Nancy’s Kitchen Silk Buttercream Deep Moisture Masque

Full review below…

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Fave Mini Twist Styles

b r i e f  r e c a p:

  1. What is on my head exactly?  Mini Twists
  2. When did you get them done? Sept. 20th
  3. Where did you get them done?  Sabine’s Hallway located in Brooklyn, New York.
  4. How long did they take? about 1 1/2 hrs
  5. How much are they? $100
  6. What made you get them?  I wanted a “protective style” to cut my “hair time” to practically 0 minutes as to give me more time to get ready for work and such. They remind me of sisterlocs in the size and styles I’m able to do with them. Great for the gym!
  7. Have I gotten them redone?  Nope!
  8. When should you remove them? 3 -4 weeks before my hair starts to lock
  9. Do you miss Demi your afro? Nope especially now that it’s becoming more cooler and my hair was away for majority of the summer. Plus I’ve gotten used to not having to do my hair daily.
  10. When will you get them done again? I intend to before christmas.

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