Truth or Truth: Loc Edition

As you may recall some of my reasons for installing faux locs were to see how I looked with them,  what size I would want, how I would want to style them, and could I really commit to my hair in locs. Well my curiosity for locs has only increased since taking them out.

photo 3

During my afternoon stroll through Pinterest I noticed “Loc Myths”, and had to find out what was considered true or false about my potential hair change.

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Fitness Friday: September Edition

CHAR6Snapback: Dirty Razkal Muscle Tee: Forever 21 Tights: Walmart Armband: Marshall’s

There was a serious workout strike between the gym and I for about a month or so. I would workout every now and again, but nothing compared to the 5 -7 days a week I was used to. The reason(s) don’t really matter because we all have them. The key is to get back into the groove of things. What I love the most is “muscle memory” because I don’t have to work as hard to gain back what I may have lost. What did I lose you ask?

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What I Wore: Weekend Edition

happy monday.

photo 5Dress: My Sister’s Closet Chambray Shirt: H&M Necklace: Kru & Khran Lippie: MAC Flat Out FFabulous

Great weekend!


Had the chance to attend an art gallery/ open mic, meet some new people while in New York, lounged on the best beach I could find, took a beautiful nap/ slumber, heard a great word at church, and the enjoyed football game minus all the unnecessary fouls.

Take a look to see what I wore…

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