Closet Transitions

happy monday!

e4d946c1e1995b0cba6cd7641b843197It’s that time of year where we have to start transitioning our wardrobe. Adding hats, tights, and boots to the everyday outfit options. For some it’s the best time of the year…for me not so much. I’m an island baby born in the summertime you can’t blame me for preferring warm weather. Anywho!! As I get my closet fall/winter ready I’m sure to keep my vibrant neon colors, boots with cutouts, and cute accessories out to dress up any outfit. Take a look below at some of my fave staples and get some inspiration for your own wardrobe!







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textured layers

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For more great finds like these take a quick scroll through a few of my pinterest boards. Hope your fashion and accessory ideas are now at an all time high. Looking forward to creating some fall outfits options while shopping in my closet.

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