About These Mini Twists

As you know I recently took out the asymmetrical bob I wore for majority of the summer. Despite my long efforts of deep conditioning and moisturizing my hair was so dry. Like brillo pad dry. Nothing I tried worked. Nothing. I already knew I needed a trim, but wasn’t anticipating the permanent heat damage I caused with the hair that was left out in the very front. I made an appointment with Sabine of Sabine’s Hallway in Brooklyn to get my hair to come back to life. Initially I wanted bantu knots but after assessing the damage she recommended me trying out a protective style.

Drum Roll Please…

Mini Twists!

It gives my hair the break it needs with the benefit of low manipulation. From wearing mini twists during my first year natural, I remember the additional benefit of not having to be concerned with my hair in the morning or after the gym. They could also be considered faux sisterlocs, because my hair isn’t completely loose, and still all me. All in all I was sold! So I took several seats and let her work her magic with a much needed clarifying wash, some moisturizing goodness that smelled like heaven on earth, and a steam treatment that left my curls popping!

photo 2 (1)I wanted my twists to have a some length so Sabine blew my hair out and then trimmed off those unruly ends. The mini twists were done in no time after watching a movie and having some intense hair salon conversations (ladies you know). I felt like I looked like Marques Houston from the R&B group Immature once she was done, so I begged her to pin it up into a style. I wanted to be completely free from any hair styling this week.

We took a lovely scroll through Pinterest to get some ideas and viola!


photo 2

photo 5_1

photo 3unnamed

I honestly don’t know what I would’ve done without her expertise to fix the damage I did, but that’s why I journey to Brooklyn to get my life. These twists should last me no more than 4 weeks so I’m already searching through sisterloc hashtags and boards on Pinterest to get some ideas for different styles. So far I know I need to purchase more bobby pins, perm & flexi rods, and grandma rollers for what I have in mind.

I came across this video from the very popular Naptural85 on how to properly maintain mini twists.

I have to pamper my natural hair regardless of how it’s styled and you should to!

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