Truth or Truth: Loc Edition

As you may recall some of my reasons for installing faux locs were to see how I looked with them,  what size I would want, how I would want to style them, and could I really commit to my hair in locs. Well my curiosity for locs has only increased since taking them out.

photo 3

During my afternoon stroll through Pinterest I noticed “Loc Myths”, and had to find out what was considered true or false about my potential hair change.

Some myths according to eight-year loctician, Lawrence at Fly Guys Locs in GA are…

Dirt makes your locs grow faster or better

 “I truly wish this myth would just die! Not washing your locs is the best way to ruin them.  Simple truth: if you don’t wash your hair it will stink. Also, clean hair will lock faster than dirty hair, as the conditioners, moisturizers, and buildup can prevent locking.”

Do not use conditioner

“Many feel that using conditioners will make it harder for the hair to lock. Of course this way of thinking makes sense from the first myth, but it doesn’t mean steer clear of all conditioners. Since shampoos lift dirt, toxins, and buildup along with the necessary oils our hair needs, we need to condition the hair to soften and replenish it. Unfortunately, many hairstylists don’t want to add conditioner in fear that it will disturb a style or loosen locs, but conditioner is necessary.”

Only certain curl patterns can lock

“This couldn’t be further from the truth. Fly Guy Locs shared some of the history of locs on how the Scottish, Mongolian, and Egyptians have worn locs for hundreds of years. Although each texture is different and coily curl patterns tend to lock faster, all hair is capable of locking.”

Locs are maintenance free

“There is a structure and a foundation to locs and they need steady upkeep just like any hairstyle or texture requires. Your hair should be washed weekly just like your loose natural hair. It’s important to have a nightly routine as you would with loose natural hair. Healthy hair means maintenance and that goes for loose hair and locs.”

Expect your locs to be sleek

“Locs are not meant to look like straight hair. You should not be going to a loctician weekly getting them retwisted every time you see new growth. You will only end up over twisting and end up with broken off locs. Too much retwisting, especially if the hair is not moisturized, will lead to thinning locs.”

Reduce frizz with scissors

“This is not the way to deal with frizz or new growth. Using scissors to cut frizz only creates thinning in the middle of the loc. You must train your hair or to grow a certain way, and cutting will only alter the consistency of your locs. There are two positive ways to handle frizz:

  • Palm rolling the frizz to train the hair to mend to the loc
  • Take the frizz and wrap it around the loc and allow frizz to mend to the loc”

Click here to take a peek of the full article.

Below is a loc tutorial from my favorite loc-doll, Franchesca best known as Chescalocs, that I’m sure you can try with your hair extensions. Enjoy!


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