Fitness Friday: September Edition

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There was a serious workout strike between the gym and I for about a month or so. I would workout every now and again, but nothing compared to the 5 -7 days a week I was used to. The reason(s) don’t really matter because we all have them. The key is to get back into the groove of things. What I love the most is “muscle memory” because I don’t have to work as hard to gain back what I may have lost. What did I lose you ask?

Read more to find out…

My arms weren’t as cut as I wished for the wedding I was in back in July. The little muscle behind I grew took a trip back to my thighs. My once prominent hamstrings ditched the ham and kept the strings. BUT since being back in the gym I must say they are making a quick comeback. Some more than others sadly, but I’ll take what my body will give!


Since my gym return I’ve been sticking to mixing cardio in with weight training. Choosing what body part I want to focus on during 20 – 30 minutes of the stairmaster or elliptical always helps. To mix things up I love searching through Pinterest and Instagram for the different workout regimens, quotes, and monthly challenges.


I’ve finally taken my trainer’s advice and started running at a local park that grants a serious workout. No really, after my first run my face was on fire for 10 minutes during cool down. I’m learning some mental tips for running after reviewing my progress on my Nike + app. The motivation for me to workout has always been to clear my mind, so while I run I think about challenges faced earlier in the day. Honestly before I know it my legs have taken over and I’m just going! I won’t say I love running…yet, but its a great feeling knowing that I can do something I’ve never had an interest in or thought I could do.

Have an amazing weekend & be on the lookout for a little surprise on Instagram!


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2 thoughts on “Fitness Friday: September Edition

  1. Running is so much more mental than physical. Consider training for marathon. It will do wonders for your mind, body too. This post reminds me of some past experiences, loved when the Nike + app would tell me I’ve reached a personal best, or getting into my flow and taking a problem out on a run and returning with a resolution or some peace about it. I grew a lot during this time, gained a new level of respect for myself and continued to do so until I was 5 months pregnant. The quote hits home for me! Love this blog.

    • WOW! If you were running until you were 5 months into your pregnancy I have no excuse. I won’t say I’ll never do a marathon, but I definitely want to try and push my self limitations.The physical and mental benefits are so rewarding. Hopefully you’ve gotten back into your running groove and thank you so much for your support!

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