Hair Over Here

Prior to removing my yarn locs I spoke about my potential summer hairstyle here.

Well I finally got my hair installed Saturday morning. It took me a few glances in the mirror to recognize myself. The last time I wore weave has to be two years ago so this is a slight adjustment. I mean a quick tutorial on how to use a curling iron, paddle brush, and flexi rods. What have I gotten myself into!?

photo 1

Read for more hair deets & images…

I installed weave in my hair because I have to wear my hair in a certain way for a family wedding coming up soon. My natural hair + this humidity would only lead to bad pictures to look back on and an angry bride. The installed hair is straight but I’m leaning for a beach wave/ tossle so I have become friends with a curling wand purchased at target.

ciara_2hair inspiration: ciara

It’s recommended that when working out to tie down my hair that is left out on the very top to keep it straight. Remove it only when my body is cooled down to prevent frizz or hair reversion. To minimize heat damage I have purchased heat protect spray. Lucky for me this hair is the length of my natural hair when straightened so I’m not too overwhelmed. It’s just another thing to prepare before heading out the door. Post wedding/ pre birthday I will experiment with some color but not as bright as blond.


For those days when humidity and my hair are battling or I’m just breaking a sweat I’ve confided in hats and bobby pins. Anything to keep it from looking too crazy.

photo 2Dress: H&M

What’s your summer hair style looking like these days…

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