Dating While Natural: What’s the Real Deal?

h e l l o t h e r e.


I got an amazing opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and write a guest article for Curls Understood. When asked initially I wasn’t sure if I could do it, come on don’t act like you don’t second guess yourself. Then after some deep thinking I decided to go for it. Thankfully it was received well, I mean better than I expected. For this article I had to reminisce on my past relationship and get some opinions on natural hair from a few honest guys I know.

See below for a snippet…

“My last relationship ended a few months after my two year natural hair anniversary. Lucky for him, he was with me long enough to see me with a variety of different hairstyles (see photos of some of my hairstyles over the years). By a variety I mean short permed hair, a caesar, a TWA, and a growing fro. He would always say he never knew what to expect on my head when we saw one another, because I’ve always enjoyed trying out different styles, even those that called for weave. One of my male friends concluded that “women are schizophrenic with their hair.” Admit it ladies, our emotional connection with our hair makes any lifestyle change urge us to switch up our hairstyle. Not all ladies I’m sure, but it’s enough out there that men take notice.

I’ve come to understand most men are not fond of weave, my ex included. Some hate the surprise that you can be “long hair don’t care” one day, but really have short hair. It’s considered a fraud, initially they see a BMW, but after the first wash they might see a Buick. ”

Click here to read the entire article!

Do you have any dating while natural hair stories to share?


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