Scissor Happy

about these cuts!


It seems like its going to be a hot summer like “too hot to maintain a fro or have a successful twistout”  hot summer. If you are following some naturalistas via social media you are noticing, one by one, some are becoming “scissor happy”. No hair length goals, texture type, or shape of the head to be questioned, these girls are bold! I can attest to short hair being easier to manage & maintain regardless of your hair texture.  I’ve never had a tapered fro or undrecut, but from the looks of things they are a great option to spice up your fro life. As I was doing my afternoon scroll through Pinterest I came across a variety of cuts.

Come check them out…






Are you getting the scissor itch too?

To get a feel of how you would look with any of these cuts braid the side(s) of your head like so


Hope this gets your creative hair juices flowing for the summer!

Till next time…


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