What I Wore: Fitting Room Chronicles

photo (2)
Cover Up: Victoria’s Secret Snapback: Gifted

I mentioned via twitter that I have been doing some shopping lately and I wanted to share a few items that I bought. Now please understand that I am frugal and purchased items that were on sale or had a special deal. Who wants to be fabulously broke!? I’m not knocking your closet, but we have to be financially responsible sometime. Tight but its right, don’t hate me for my honesty.

Moving along!

Throughout my bargain hunt I went for items that I don’t already own so I wouldn’t be adding unnecessary pieces to my already packed closet. During my spring cleaning [still an ongoing task] I realized how many pieces I was hoarding for no reason. I wanted to replace them with classic pieces that I know aren’t just “trending”, but will last for years to come. I’m not a constant shopper [cheap very cheap] so when I do splurge it’s for a good cause.  With the Back to M·A·C Program [returning six M·A·C primary packaging containers] I was able to get two new lippies for free.

enough talk come see what’s in my bag…

batom-mac-Flat Out Fabulous

00112009-04Half Frame Sunnies 

364469-10-1_589x860JustFab Legacy
00072069-02Cutout Crochet Monokini

shopping6PM Tall Gladiator Sandals


00126881-02 (3) Classic Lace Skirt
354257-42-3_589x860 JustFab Jeneva

00065082-02 (1)Boho Jumpsuit

Have you bought any additions to your closet this spring?

Are you fabulously frugal &  shopping in your closet?

Till next time


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