Do You Remember the Last Time…

welcome back.

This will probably leave a bad taste in your mouth. You may not even finish reading this, but you started like the other times you’ve left things undone. Yeah this is real.

My birthday is nearing and I like to look over my list of goals. Problem is not much has been crossed off. Why? I stopped looking at my list and focused my attention in other places, people, and things. What was on my list?

  1. God: become more intimate with Him to the point that my life reflects Him and brings other to Him. Sometimes you are the only bible that people will ever see. If you continue to live one foot in one foot out, others will think it’s ok and have deaf ear and cold heart towards the things of Christ. There’s more but that was my main goal without being “too deep”.
  2. Family: spend more time with them. I’ve become a firm believer of giving flowers while people are alive to appreciate them. Not flowers it the literal sense [sort of], but love on them, surprise them with simple things, treat them if possible.
  3. Education: there is already a college degree under my belt, but not in anything I have an interest in. I am a marketing major student at LIM College in NYC. My choice of school was because it is fashion and business related. What has been proven to me is that to be in the fashion industry [for what I want to do] I don’t need a “fashion degree”.  Mission find a school in state which is cheaper still not accomplished.
  4. Me: char. Who am I? What do I like? What won’t I tolerate or compromise? [wanted to be able to answer those in my singleness]. Is what “keeps me busy” what I should really be doing? Am I growing, stretching, or maintaining? Many people die at 25 and aren’t buried until they are 75. I don’t want to be one of them, but what am I doing to change that…

When was the last time you reflected on you, your life, your goals and dreams…be honest with yourself.

We all have the same 24 hrs in a day, but are we all working towards our goals?

This is not to make you feel bad or get upset, but the total opposite. This is to wake you up, push you, give you a reminder.

Do you remember the last time…

lionessarisingLioness Arising by Lisa Bevere



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