Fave Faux Loc Styles

h a p p y  m o n d a y!

I’ve been ending my last few posts with a mention to look out for my favorite styles that I’ve done while my hair has been “loced”.  Well the wait is over!

b r i e f  r e c a p:

  1. What is on my head exactly?  [Faux] Yarn Locs
  2. When did I put them in? Feb. 15th
  3. Who did them? They were installed at Sabine’s Hallway located in Brooklyn, New York.
  4. How long did they take? 10hrs [yes i am serious]
  5. How much are they? The salon starts at $250 and increases with length and size. They were the cheapest I found, I’m honest enough to know that installing hair is not my trade, and most want to start at $400 [no thanks!!]
  6. What made you get them?  I wanted a “protective style” to cut my “hair time” to practically 0 minutes as to give me more time to get ready for work and such. I also wanted to get faux locs to see how I would look with real locs and get a feel of  how to manage my hair in different loc styles. Love them, want them permanently, but my real hair is not at the length I would like it to be yet 😦 Yes I can get them extended the same way I got my real hair done, but eeehh.
  7. Have I gotten them redone?  Of course! Well the edges were redone and a few that needed a special touch.
  8. How often did you wash them? Three times along with weekly cleaning with a cotton ball damped in Seabreeze followed with an oil massage. To keep them neat I tie a silk/satin scarf at night.
  9. Do you miss Demi your afro? Nope. Especially now that it’s becoming more humid twist outs will be a bust, I don’t like wash and go’s on me, and my morning workout sweat demolishes all hope of a cute style.
  10. Why not just get them reinstalled again? I intend to in a year or so [ post the current faux loc craze], my hair needs a minute to breath, and I have to wear my hair in a certain way for an upcoming family event.

see my favorite hairstyles below…

photo 2 (2) 1969373_572064354576_262138582_n photo 3 photo 3 (1) photo 1 (1) photo 1sunday

photo 1
photo 1photo 1 (5) photo 2 (1) tumblr_n53seoGFRX1sjg5sfo1_1280
photo 1 (1) photo

I will be trying a few more styles before finally bidding adieu to my yarn locs so stay tuned!


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7 thoughts on “Fave Faux Loc Styles

  1. I absolutely love these on you! I want locs too but like you my hair is definitely not at the length I’d be comfortable to start growing them. I would try these but I don’t know about that price tag. Might just have to stick with my self installed marley twists lol.

    • Thank you! They were a lot of money compared to the usual styles, but I don’t regret getting them at all. This is the most natural protective style I’ve ever gotten to the point that people thought they were really mine.

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