Fitness Friday


Congratulations you made it through another week!

Throughout this week you watched what you ate and even workout a few times, right? No? Oh I know, maybe tomorrow or next week. Listen, excuses will only get you exactly where you are, no results, no improvement, nada! Some helpful tips are set your goals in mind, write them down, set reminder alarms, prepare your snacks and meals beforehand, or wear your workout clothes under your regular clothes. I’m not suggesting anything to you that I haven’t done myself. No I am not you nor do I have your responsibilities, but I am determined and you should be too.

If you’ve been following me for a while you know I am a AM workout kind of girl.

What does that mean?


The moment the gym lights are on, I’m in there. I sleep in or put in arms reach all of my gear as to have no excuse.

My brain still isn’t fully awake so I can’t talk myself out of anything.

If I know I’ve fallen off with my nutrition I make snacks and meals the night before so everything is fresh.

No extra money out and no extra pounds in.

So again I ask what’s your excuse?

You can do this! New day, new you!

 till next time my loves


2 thoughts on “Fitness Friday

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