Toodles Yarn Locs!

happy hump day!photo 2 (5)

So its officially been 2 months and change since I’ve had my yarn locs installed, and it’s almost time to take them out completely. A few weeks ago I went back to Sabine’s Hallway to wash my hair and get the edges re-done. Doing this helps me properly maintain the faux locs for an additional month. If I could I would take them out in June to let my hair breath for 2 weeks, and put them in again for the summer, but I can’t. I am in a wedding in July and was asked to wear my hair a certain way so toodles locs its been way too real.


All that to say I have found some celebs rocking my future potential summer hairstyle.

Take a look below and tell me what you think!
23fb4fd38439c5325a2ce9cc26ddd90d <> on August 29, 2013 in New York City. 962d738da67f449d_Nicole-Richie.preview brandy-norwood-10 photo 3 photo

Now I’m not sold on color yet since I’m still deciding which style and length I really want.

While I figure that out, be on look out for my favorite styles with my yarn locs!

 till next time my loves



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