You Wasn’t With Me Shooting In the Gym

t g i f !
photo 2

Quick post about my workouts as of late.

I haven’t been hitting the gym like usual because I was busy preparing for a production I participated in for the recent holiday. So now I’m back and I’m ready to replace what I gained or lost with some lean muscle. Today I made it to the gym with enough time to do cardio for 40 minutes. I did my favorite machine, the elliptical, for 30 and ran the track for the remaining time. Afterward I grabbed my gym buddy and we hit the weight room to target our legs and abs.

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photo 2weighted squats

photo 2 (1)seated crunches

photo 1 (1)crunches

We completed 4 sets of  weighted squats, deadlifts, and seated crunches 20 -25 times each. Yes we were tired seeing how it was the crack of dawn, but we kept the crop tops and shorts we aim to wear in mind. Having a gym buddy is so helpful because they keep you accountable for showing up and putting in the work.

Check out today’s workout video!

Do you have a gym or workout buddy?

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