You Win Again, Girl Scout Cookies!

Now I don’t about you, but those little colorful boxes of Girl Scout Cookies have done some damage!

photo 3

I mean they are small and yummy, but the time it takes just to work off one makes me think is it really worth it? Fruit taste just as good and is not as damaging to the dream body you’re gaining. I had to do a self check the other day because I didn’t complete my recent cleanse for nothing.  So what did I do you ask…

photo 1 photo 2I got to work!

No cookie is worth the time and dedication I’ve already applied to reaching my goal.

What are you guilty of indulging in this week?

Yes you, don’t lie!

If you fell off via nutrition, don’t beat yourself up. Put the junk away for a cheat day, and get back to work.

Have a fit weekend & think twice when it comes to your food. It’s spring, time to show those arms!

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