Team Build a Booty

Well the countdown for spring is almost over and thankfully I’m almost at my goal…NOT!

I have to remind myself not to go by the scale, but by inches and how my clothes are fitting. Contrary to popular belief, muscle doesn’t weigh more than fat. Muscle is more lean as opposed to fat which stays as a bigger mass.

Looking over some images of myself last summer I realized that my derriere wasn’t doing great things. I had already known that, but I now had the images to prove it.

Now please understand that I don’t want a backside that causes attention. As you age gravity takes a toll on the body if you don’t do the work to keep it up. And a big backside will begin to… you get the point. Not all attention is good attention, and I’d rather not draw anymore to myself than necessary. However I would like for my rear to look a certain way SO!

What are you saying Char..

After all of my complaining that I wasn’t’ seeing results “back there” my trainer, Shawn Ward, is now focusing our sessions on my glutes and core. I inquired about my arms, but I got the “yea you’re good there face”. Since completing the Herbalosophy 7 day cleanse I have seen a change in my waist and core, but I want Janet Jackson abs from back in the 90s. Not too hard looking, but some definition and cuts will make me very happy.

Today was cardio day, but take a peek at some of the derriere exercises my trainer has incorporated in my sessions.

These exercises are working because I’m feeling my muscles today 😦

Till next time!

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