Dark-Skinned Girls Rock

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Today I want to talk about a topic that is near and dear to my heart.

The color of my skin.

Now I know you’re probably thinking “what’s wrong with your skin” , “you’re not even dark you’re like brown”, or “don’t tell me you’re bleaching”. That’s just it, there is nothing wrong with my skin. My beautiful brown skin that was once considered beautiful and adored by many, seems to now be hated and despised. A few posts back I noted that I don’t expect much recognition because I don’t post pictures of me half naked and caked in makeup. My afro is of a tight curl that many wouldn’t “go natural” for because it is too “nappy”. Most promote, encourage, and accept a pocahontas comparison, and my “nubian queen” appearance doesn’t fit the bill. All of that is ok, everyone is entitled to have a preference, but don’t put someone else down because they don’t fit your “standards”. Your standards that have been shaped from history, your community, upbringing, and sadly the media.

I was offered the opportunity to be apart of a series named “Dark-Skinned Girls Rock” by blogger Cherrie Amore. It’s a series that was created to encourage dark-skinned women to embrace their beauty and never feel subordinate because of the color of their skin. I can’t emphasize how excited I was to read through the stories of other women of my complexion and be inspired by their stories. I had the chance to tell my story [ Dark-Skinned Girls Rock!: Charnele ], and would love for you to take some time to read it. In my story I explain what I went through as a “model”, what I go through now as tightly curled natural in the “corporate world”, how I currently view myself, and give a special note to those of my complexion. Please share my story and remember to encourage your sisters of  a “dark- skin complexion”.

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Want to know more about Cherrie Amore:

Blog: Cherrie Amore

Twitter: @MsCherrieAmore

FB: Cherrie Amore

IG: @mscherrieamore

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7 thoughts on “Dark-Skinned Girls Rock

  1. Well put and Great post. I’m now a follower because of your feature on Cherrie Amore! You definitely have a supporter in me. Have a great week. Cheers, Icela (www.shapelyalterations.com)

  2. Hey lady! I so love this post! Society has indeed created a standard of beauty where the majority of women do not fit. We are all beautiful queens and should view ourselves in that light. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the awesome shoutout! You’re such a beautiful soul.

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