About These Locs

i love them!photo 1

No like I really love them!

They aren’t like braids or twists so they feel more natural to wear. Also when I wear them down people think that it’s really my hair. I’ve been asked if I’m transitioning to locs, if I intend on permanently locking my hair, how long I plan on wearing them, etc. So I’ figured now is a good time to answer most of the questions I get asked!

about these locs…

  1. What exactly is on my head?  [Faux] Yarn Locs
  2. When did I put them in? Feb. 15th
  3. How long did they take? 10hrs [yes i’m serious]
  4. How much are they? The salon starts at $250 and increases with length and size. They were the cheapest I found, most want to start at $400 [no thanks!!]
  5. What made you get them? If you follow me via IG you know that I work out 5 – 7 days a week in the mornings before work. I wanted a “protective style” to cut my “hair time” to practically 0 minutes as to give me more time to get ready for work and such. My intention was to get these last summer but my schedule wasn’t allowing that, so I opted for box braids instead. I wanted to get faux locs to see how I would look with them and  learn how to manage my hair in different loc styles.
  6. How long do you plan on keeping them in? Until April granted a visit to the salon to wash my hair and redo the edges. photo 3 (2)
  7. What made you get them with color and to your waist? Demi [ my afro] has brown color on the tips and I missed the color so I figured why not go for it. When I initially got them installed the were bra strap length, but when I put them in bun all you saw were the burned ends [ewww]. While at the gym one day I saw a woman with locs down to her backside and said that’s what I want. If I’m going to have extensions let them be long.
  8. Are they heavy? No, even with the length I haven’t had an issue with them.
  9. Would you get them again? Definitely! I really enjoy how natural they look.
  10. What are your favorite styles so far? Bun [top or front], down and with two strands tied in the back,  & two strand twisted. I haven’t taken the two strand twists out since they were done at the salon, but I plan to this weekend to experience “curly locs”.


Sweater: my dad’s closet Tights: H&M Necklace: H&M Earrings & Frames: oldie but goodie Phone Case: Five Below

Have an amazing weekend my love!

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