Herbalosophy101 7 Day Cleanse Update

Since the last time we’ve spoken I started the Herbalosophy 101 7 day cleanse. If you’ve been keeping up with me via IG you know that I went grocery shopping for my ingredients and started the cleanse on Saturday. I figured what better day to start than on the first, right!?

photod a y o n e.

Char why are you detoxing:
1. to kick start my tight abs DUH! Working out only shapes & tones the body. Most of the work has to be done in the kitchen not the gym
2. to rid my body of the junk I’ve allowed in & properly take on my lifestyle change

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3. to help with fatigue so I can quit coffee addicts anonymous (don’t judge me man) and bloating that comes from certain foods
4. to best prep myself for the work week I started the cleanse during the weekend to adapt to any changes I may feel
5. & ladies: to reduce cramps during mother natures chronic time of the month

During these first few days I feel…


No seriously this may come as a surprise, but this cleanse is much easier than I thought it would be, because I’m not really changing anything that I eat. Yes no coffee, yes no meat, yes no bread, and yes no dairy. I’m not phased by most of them except coffee, because of the caffeine withdrawal headaches I get. Luckily for me, the green tea I found at Trader Joes really helps. The cleanse is similar to the Daniel fast with the addition of two homemade fruit and veggie juices daily (muuuuccccch better than naked or bolthouse). Whenever I have a question or concern I stalk my nutritionist CoachPCare. So far my energy level is high, my workouts haven’t had to change, and I’m noticing that I’m breaking out (junk leaving the body).

Stay tuned!!

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5 thoughts on “Herbalosophy101 7 Day Cleanse Update

    • Personally speaking I haven’t seen a great significance with my core until I started watching what I was eating abs are really made in the kitchen. I chose to do this cleanse to clean out all the junk and transition to a plant based diet, not saying you have to transition to that but a cleanse is def helpful. Hope this helps!

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