Patience, Persistence, Progress

TGIF my love!

photo 1Did you workout this week?

Did you watch what you ate?

What did you do?

I’m not here to bash you about your lifestyle choices because you are grown and well capable of doing whats best for you. However [ you knew that was coming ] I need you to consider what you wanted to change about your diet and health at the top of the year. What goals did you set for yourself that you fell short on completing last year? Yes we all make mistakes and fall off, but its a new day, the reset button has been set, you can make better choices now. As you know I have a trainer who I stalk pretty much on an everyday basis. Now I also have nutritionist CoachPCare of Herbalosophy 101 monitoring me on my lifestyle change. Contrary to popular belief, most of the work is done in the kitchen not the gym, and I want some see serious results.

996046_10200729919353563_1794733753_nI mean look at her she’s practically a kitchen ninja [Princess don’t kill me]

During my first session with her earlier this week she complimented my legs [insert happy dance], but then she got to my waist line and gave me a “really Char” look [ remove happy dance]. She concluded that the weight goal I have is too drastic [ we really need to come to an agreement ma’am ], and decided that I will partake in Herbalosophy101’s  7 day liver cleanse. My waist needs to be snatched so I will put on my girl undies and do the work.

Patience, Persistence, Progress

What’s your gym excuse done for you this week?

New day, new you, get to work!

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2 thoughts on “Patience, Persistence, Progress

  1. Just finished my workout for today, fell off the wagon now I’m back. What a kick in my backside this post was, off to the grocery store I go.

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