Pretty Hurts

lets talk beauty!


Have you taken the time to seriously consider looking over what you’re using on your skin. If the same products you’ve been using since last summer are in your current skin regimen I need you to up the ante. During this brutal winter season you should be concerned with applying moisture, lots of it! Your skin is taking a beating with you using the same products you used in any of the seasons prior. Take a look below for an example of makeup application.

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A bit much for an everyday face, but the “wake up” portion is key! Nightly removal and application of moisturizer or oil is missing from this list. I do not understand how one can put there head down  for bed with everything that may have come in contact with your face all day. The wind carries a lot of dirt, the makeup applied from this morning cakes up in your pores, the mascara applied dries up and the flakes get into your eye. Please, please, please, thoroughly cleanse your beautiful skin in the morning and at night.This isn’t only for ladies, gentleman take notes as well. No one wants their skin to feel rough and dry because ultimately it’s:

  1. uncomfortable
  2. causes your skin to begin to crack
  3. not appealing
  4. hard to come back from
  5. looks worse as you age

downloadNow is a great time to rid your body of those dead skin cells with some exfoliation. You can either purchase a body scrub or make one with brown sugar, honey, and a favorite essential oil. I can’t emphasis how much smoother your skin will feel, but it is highly recommended. Another great tip I’ve learned is to consume a gallon of water a day. I know, I know, it sounds like way too much but it is a total body rejuvenator.

 So with all that said forget how your skin looks and think about how it feels. Let’s get it together and quick because the warmer seasons are around the corner.

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