This Lady Lifts

T G I F !!

Today I want to encourage ladies that working out and lifting weights does not make you lose your femininity.

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I stumbled upon This Lady Lifts via IG and had to see what they were about. After stalking the page and website I had to share! This Lady Lifts main goal is to promote positive female body image and self-care, believing that every woman should feel beautiful and powerful. My main goal for My Sister’s Closet is very similar because after every post I want you to feel motivated and inspired to be the best you possible. We have enough people tearing us down and I believe its important to

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surround yourself with positivity. One of my favorite quotes are “when you look better, you feel better“. Although I’m not where I want to be yet I’m enjoying seeing my results when I put on clothes that fit a little looser. Getting complimented for motivating others to get over “I’m tired” or “I don’t have time”, and “just doing” it like Nike.  Below are some of my favorite inspirational posts from This Lady Lifts IG page, enjoy!

photo 2

photo 5


For More of This Lady Lifts:

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2 thoughts on “This Lady Lifts

  1. Thank you for sharing This Lady Lifts with your readers! Like you, I believe that it is very important for women to surround themselves with positivity. This post just goes to show the incredible impact women can have when they support one another. I look forward to reading your future posts and keeping up with your other social media accounts. Thank you again.


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