I’m Loc’d Up!

happy hump day beautiful!

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Remember we discussed my hair aggravation here, well I finally got my protective style over the weekend. I had the intention of installing faux locs last summer, but due to scheduling I had to settle with box braids. Only regrets about those braids was the h o r r i b l e experience at the shop that installed them. Anyway!!

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These beautiful yarn locs were installed by Free at Sabine’s Hallway located in Brooklyn, New York. Free had some amazing help from Sabine and Nene during this 10hr installation process.

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I’ve never been to all natural hair salon before so it was a very refreshing experience to see these licensed hair professionals all in one location. Since I was at the salon for majority of the day I can attest to the fact that all the stylists at Sabine’s Hallway are beyond talented. I’m talking about hair coloring, installing traditional and sister locs, and [my favorite] creating unique natural hairstyles.

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My locs are medium in size, waist length, and the back has brown on the ends [needed a nice pop]. They are currently two strand twisted for a curly effect, but I’m waiting to take them out [no special reason]. I love these locs and look forward to styling them for the next few months.

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Before leaving the salon I made it clear to the owner and stylists that I will be stalking them soon and you should too!!

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Sabine’s Hallway Info:

Twitter: @sabineshallway

FB:  Sabine’s Hallway Natural Hair Salon

IG:  @sabineshallway @freedombynature

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13 thoughts on “I’m Loc’d Up!

  1. Reblogged this on Be Free and commented:
    here’s one of my most recent client’s blog post describing her experience at Sabine’s hallway natural hair salon. I installed yarn wraps that are waist length with brown tips. follow me on ig: freedombynature for more of my hairstyles and booking information

  2. These look great!!!!! My bff keeps telling me I should try them but I’m super nervous. How do you do take down? Do you have to go back?

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