Happy 3 Years Natural to Moi!

I have officially entered into my third year as a natural. If you haven’t seen my journey please take a moment to watch my story

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Over the past three years the one thing I can say that I have learned is patience. My hair pre-big chop grew at a healthy rate and remained thick despite the chemicals I continuously applied. My hair had been in several short styles for over 5 years so I wasn’t sad during my twa phase.  It was at that phase that I learned about what I feel truly makes me beautiful, what texture my kinks and coils are, and how to manage it. Not going to lie to you and say I wasn’t a PJ (product junkie), but I always made sure I got samples of products instead of purchasing the whole thing and being disappointed. I took advice from wherever I could like YouTube or CurlyNikki.

1_nJan 2011

It was during those hours spent reading blog after blog and watching video after video that I found many techniques, tips, and tricks. I legit had notes of every topic I inquired about. After several protective styles, twist outs, braid outs, and puffs of all kinds I’ve been able to grow my hair out to this healthy length. To achieve this sleek pin curl I went a recommended dominican beauty shop, because I wasn’t trying to tackle Demi (my afro) on my own. After a great wash, deep condition, blow out, trim, and curl I was able to walk out like this…

photo 1photo 2

photo 4

a little past CBL (collar bone length)

I’m sure this won’t last past this week, given the snow storms here on the East Coast and my gym time, but I wanted to celebrate my mild achievement. Till next time my loves, stay blessed and remember patience is the best hair product you’ll ever buy!

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