Maquillage Blvd

MBLDMac- KEY- ahj Bull-ah-VARD

“When an entrepreneur creates a business out of a passion for a certain industry and based on their own life experience, the resulting product is a manifestation of a personal vision. This is true with the products offered by Maquillage Blvd and its founder Mikara Reid.”

photomodel & founder Mikara Reid

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Maquillage Blvd offers 16 colors that are 3-free, affordable, and unique, a logical extension of the company owner, who describes herself as somewhat of a “tomboy,” The company slogan, “Leaving a Vivid Impression”, echoes from Reid’s personal experience of always been complimented on how she wears colorful nail polishes, lipsticks, and her overall sense of style.

photo 3“In French, “Maquillage” translates to “cosmetic or theatrical make up,” and the “Blvd” part lets the customer know that this company is like “a strut down the boulevard of life.” Women who desire to absorb the energy of glamour, health, and vivid style can now paint it directly onto their nails with the new “Nailz Over Heelz” line of nail polish from Maquillage Blvd. The “Nailz Over Heelz” line of nail polish inspires women to stand out from the crowd with vivid nail colors, rather than the discomfort of wearing heels. More products to be announced soon.” -Renda Writer


On Sale Until Feb 1st!!IMG_4015For More MBLVD:

Maquillage Blvd

IG:Maquillage Blvd

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