Summer Bodies are Made in the Winter

So it’s the 4th week of January and you are still going strong on your new year’s resolution to lose weight, right? Well, if for some reason, you fell off GET UP! Don’t wait until it starts to get nice out to decide to hit the gym.

photo 3 (2)

summer bodies are made in the winter.

You can make up as many excuses as you want, but you know that if you were to put on your bikini, take a look in the mirror, you see exactly what you ate over the holidays. If your following me via IG or Twitter, then you know I get up at a quarter to 5 AM to make it to the gym as soon as they open. I’d rather do that then wait for a machine, or worse, wait for a parking spot. As weird as this may sound,

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I have more energy on the days that I work out in the morning. Its like my blood gets pumping and my body gets an extra shot of energy that coffee can’t give. So that saying “take care of your body and it’ll take care of you” is true!

photo 5 (1)

personal trainer weight room

photo 1 (2)

exhausted post cycling

I alternate my cardio and weight training days to give my body more of a challenge. I’ve also started to monitor my meals (5 – 6 small healthy meals or snacks) every day along with my water intake. What you put is what you get out. Don’t think you can eat whatever you want + workout = see results. It really is a waste of time and nothing will be gained. You won’t see the results you want, you may get fed up, and you may quit. To be honest your nutrition is the main factor in your weight loss, not your workout. Stay focused my loves!

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