I’m Over My Hair

moment of truth: I’m over my hair.

No I don’t want to do anything drastic [yet], I just need a little time out from constantly having to style it everyday. You know that I work out, so naturally I sweat. My two strand twists are usually still damp at the root leaving my hair looking more fluffy than detailed. I’m all for a big fro, however I work in a corporate setting and the “big fro” is a little much for the “everyday”. A detailed twist out pinned up or back into a nice style is more of what I want to do, as opposed to throwing my hair in a puff so I won’t be late. Once my hair reaches “bun length”, I’ll incorporate that into my hair style options. As of right now its a twist out, tuck & roll, or puff [blah].

I found some protective styles that I’m considering for the next week or so.  Take a look below and tell me what you think!photo 2

photo 1


yes this is me



I’m also considering some good ol’ box braids. Listen when your trying to get fit and look professional you gotta do what you gotta do. Get a universal hair do boop! [LOL] AngelaSimmonsMain-650x952Guess you’ll see what my decision will be soon enough. Until next time my loves, stay blessed!

want to keep up with me




3 thoughts on “I’m Over My Hair

  1. I like them all but I like you with your box braids and they last longer. If you decide on the braids just make sure they give you actual box parts like in the picture not the little piece of hair hold the heavy braid. 😉

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