Work it Out

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“I’ve been gone for too long now its time to bring it back” – ciara

Ello mate! I do apologize for not blogging for a while, but I had no motivation to say anything of relevance to you. My intent is to never blog just for blogging sake “ain’t nobody got time for that!” moving right along–>I already knew that there would be a crazy amount of people at the gym now because of all the “new years resolutions”, but what I experienced one night after work blew my mind. My gym is located on a popular highway that accommodates its guests with two parking lots. When I say that there was no where to park I mean no where. People started parking on the street behind the gym which was way too dark for me as a young lady. No I was not about that “walk alone at night through a huge parking lot to get to my car” life.  Sorry.

In order to enjoy the amenities of the gym I now have to go when the gym opens, which is 5:30 am. Can you say dedication to being fit!? It was an intense struggle before, but I did the “look at yourself in a bikini” trick and I got motivated very fast. My body didn’t suffer with an increase of holiday jiggle, but I want to do something I’ve never done. Love my body with clothes on and without. Come on, be honest, you want to look in the mirror and be proud of your reflection.

I have the privilege of being in a wedding this summer, and want my dress alteration to be drastic [hey a girl can dream]. My arms and derriere need to be on point so I’ll being doing a form of cardio exercises everyday for an hour as well as meeting with a trainer 3x a week. *workout tip: don’t only focus on cardio, you have to also tone and firm your skin unless you’ll have extra skin hanging around* I love you, really, and I don’t think excess skin is cute, so please pick up a weight or two and incorporate some reps in your workout regimen.

photo 2Another tip is to wear the proper work gear. If you are trying to target a specific area, like your abs for instance, wear an abdominal wrap. It helps to increase the amount of sweat in that one area.

I have to stress this last tip: stretch after each workout. Your muscles will ache if you don’t properly stretch them out once your workout is complete.”When you work out, lactic acid builds up in your muscles. This often leads to muscle soreness and fatigue. Stretching after a workout helps to reduce muscle fatigue. When you stretch after a workout, your muscles are warm and you benefit from increased blood circulation. Stretching will help your muscles to recover faster from a tough workout. Muscle soreness is one of the reasons that many people skip exercising. When you stretch, the likelihood is much higher that you will proceed with your next workout and prevent future injury.”- Stretching is also good for your mind becuase you’ll be able to bring your heart rate down and tune into your body.

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If you’re following me via IG you’ll get to see daily (maybe every other day as to not be redundant) workout pics, tips, or videos of exercise examples. Until next time my loves, stay blessed!

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