Year In Review: 2013

As we bring 2013 to a close I can’t help but look over my goals I listed at the top of the year and see what I crossed off. What I accomplished, or didn’t, and why. What I thought was important that now seem so minuscule. Funny, the plans we have for ourselves and those that God has for us. Obedience really is key! I can’t speak for you, but I know I ended up letting go of some things and people this year I thought would be around forever [at least a good while]. But hey, its all for the better so I’m glad for the growth and maturing that 2013 brought along. In a few hours we’ll be blessed to see 2014 and I plan to take on January as a month of consecration. Literally fasting (the Daniel fast), journaling, and participating in a 31-day devotional. Most people have the resolution to shed physical weight, but my goal is to replace spiritual weight for muscle. If you are fasting or have spiritual goals for 2014 I commend you to not grow weary in well doing. Happy New Year!!

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