to: my fellow procrastinators

I don’t want to shop.

No really, I’m in no mood to deal with crowds of rude people. It’s hard to love those who cut you off in line, push you out of their way, or love tap your car as they try to run into a store. Not to mention the recent death of a man who was carjacked at a nearby mall. I’m sorry, too honest for you? 

This holiday is my favorite because of what it means spiritually and I get to see my family that I don’t get to on a day-to-day basis. I actually enjoy cleaning the house,  [assist in] cooking, and decorating. Yes receiving gifts are great because it means you actually took time to consider me and spent your hard-earned money. However, this year I’m not really trying to do all that. I’d rather give you something you can cherish and remember years from now. Something that you reminisce on and smile about during a rough day. Something extra special….but what? 

I wanted to write a shopping list for my fellow procrastinators, but that wasn’t really in my heart. This christmas I’m going to love…hard. For each member of my family and close friends I’m going to write out my love to them. No a simple hallmark card won’t do, because someone else wrote it I’m just paying for their thoughts. I’ll grab smaller gifts to go along with my love notes so no one feels jipped [lol]. I’ll also grab a few toys for less fortunate families with children so they don’t have to go without. Have a very merry [full of love,  joy, and peace] Christmas my loves.



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