Winter Hair Challenge

hey y’all heyyyy!

photo 1

Coat: Target Earrings: IAMRARE

roll & tuck

SO if you’ve been keeping up you may have noticed that my hair is currently in a protective style. I haven’t had my ends truly tucked away since the box braids I had installed this past summer. It was after I removed them that noticed a crazy amount of single strand knots and shedding. Like a true natural, I took to youtube and google for hair remedies to diagnose my issue. I trimmed my ends at least 3 times, applied deep, hot oil, and protein treatments, even did a lot more “tuck and rolls. No avail, I mean zip, zero, nada! As if it was the wisest thing to do I added color to random sections of my hair. It was free and convenient so I was sold [keep your judging eyes off me LOL]. Finally I gave up and started searching for a natural hair salon that was not going to break my pockets. Really these places charge you an arm, leg, hand, and bodily organ! Finally I found Ahava Felicidad Hair to put me out of my hair misery. What I appreciated the most was that she was very patient and honest. Ahava consulted me on what products to use to successfully combat my hair issues and where they were located. After washing my hair I decided it was best to put my hair away for the next few weeks so my ends could take a break from the brisk winter chill.

 photo 1 (1)

Although additional hair would have helped to keep the hairstyle, it also contributed to my current hair challenges, so this style is all me. I get bored easily so I’m not sure if the current style will stay in for 2 – 3 weeks. However I have the front to play around with, so I’m trying my best to keep my hair away for as long as possible while maintaining moisture.

want to keep up with me



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