Calling All Naturals!


I’m not sure how much of a “natural” you can call yourself if you haven’t heard of any of these ladies. Like you have to be under the only rock not to have come across at least one of their names. I don’t put people on pedestals, but these youtube ladies have given me a tip or two in the hair, fashion, and/or fitness department. All of their stories are inspirational and motivate you to love your natural hair and body as best as you can. Thanks to some additional spare time, I came across this flyer on my tumblr feed. They will all be under the same roof this Thursday night, yes December 19th, at 9pm in Brooklyn NY! There will be an interactive Q&A panel discussion, sponsored gift bags, and more! For more deets check the flyer and sites listed below!

TWELVE18 Media Presents

An Exclusive Event for a Private Screening Party

Meet Top YouTube Personalities

Taren Guy [ @TarenGuy ], Dr. Nina Ellis-Hervey [ @butflbrwnbbydol] , Chime Edwards [HairCrush –@chimeedwards ], & Vaughn Monroe [@MsVaughnTV]

Galapagos Art Space

16 Main Street

Brooklyn, NY 11201

for more information:



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