Princess Carey Holistic Nutrition and Green Living Coach

Herbalosophy 101 is dedicated to promoting health conscious and environment friendly behavior. Their goal is to encourage clients and readers to create healthy lifestyles by taking the holistic approach. They believe healthy living is attainable and practical for all people. Through Herbalosophy101 services clients are taught how to integrate meditation, naturopathy, movement, plant-based eating , and alternative therapies to gain optimum health.

the story behind Herbalosophy101…


Coach P is a holistic nutritionist, sustainable food activist, and naturopathy expert. She started Herbalosophy101 as testament to her mother’s triumph over Stage 4 Gastric cancer. “My mom is cancer-free today because of a diet change and peace of mind. If organic, plant-based foods healed my mom, I know it can heal others. That’s why I started Herbalosophy101”- Coach P. It is her mission to use Herbalosophy101 as a platform to teach the power of holistic nutrition and using all five senses for complete healing.

what can they do for you..


Herbalosophy101 offers affordable individualized nutrition plans, a holistic weight loss program, naturopathic health coaching, corporate wellness programs, and yoga instruction. Sessions are available online and via video chat. They assess and advise based on the clients’ likes, dislikes, allergies, environment, and attitude. Focusing on preventive care and addressing the root issue they reverse any toxic imbalances in the body. Some of illnesses they address are Anemia, Infertility, Gluten Intolerance, Lactose Intolerance, Digestive Distress, and so much more.

client testimonial

“I am an educated young woman who felt completely satisfied with I about the direction my life was taking, except one huge fault – My weight! At a young age, I have always battled with the maintenance of my weight gain and weight loss. I hated feeling overweight and on top of that I was an athlete. In my teens years and even throughout my college years, I became depressed because I could not shake off my excess fat. All my friends and  teammates were petite, shapely, or well on their way to being fit. Then there was me feeling completely lost and felt defeated. My birthday was closely approaching, so I made up my mind that I would attempt to lose weight again. I felt like I cried enough and I prayed enough about the same topic. I knew God wanted me to build up my faith and take action. That is when God sent me a nutritional angel by the name of Coach P who helped me lose over  35 lbs. Coach P. is a phenomenal woman of faith who has intertwined her passion for nutrition and ministry into what is known now to be Herbalosophy101.  After 2 years, I have been able to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I could not have done it without Coach P and I am looking forward to what God has in store for both of us. If you are reading this, you can do it. Simply, try it out.” Martine Pierre, NJ

Herbalosophy101 team

Coach P has been serving clients since 2010 as a valued member of Slow Foods USA, the American Nutrition Association and a Wego Health Activist award nominee. Herbalosophy101 and their team of five health and wellness experts have a combined 20 years of accredited education and experience. Being effective in the health and wellness industry for over six years – her experience and continuous education has allowed her to properly inform and inspire. Coach P. is also a published writer whose work can be seen on media outlets such as, American Nutrition Association’s blog, Yahoo healthy living, Afro Elle magazine, Jersey Girls Magazine, and many more!

Imari Wilson is a health coach and professional pole fitness instructor for KTFitness.  Her journey into health and fitness, started from personal experience. Suffering from a painful cyst and refusing surgery, she followed a proper plant-based diet and exercising regularly until the cyst went away on its own. That experience inspired Imari to live a healthy lifestyle and become a dedicated health professional in the dietary and fitness service industry.  She is an advocate in helping individuals achieve a healthier holistic lifestyle through nutrition, organic food choices, holistic and physical exercise.

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Twitter: @herbalosophy101 & @CoachPCare

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