Curls, Kinks, & Waves Oh My!

i am not my hair

1466218_566676232416_1008312939_nBut I am because it’s on my head and I have to wear it as extension of myself, so sorry India Arie.

Natural hair in the workplace can be quite interesting depending on where you work. When I was employed in retail the managers loved it, my co workers questioned how I achieved styles, and the customers complimented it. While in a more corporate suit and tie setting I only get complimented
when my hair is out of my face typically a puff or “roll & tuck”. Now no one will blatantly come out and say tame (straighten) your hair, but looks and actions speak more than you know. Talking is not the only way to communicate after all.

I’ll be honest, there are days where I abide by the hidden rule, and days where I am like listen its hair, it won’t bite, stop staring, and no you can’t touch it. Please don’t take what I am writing to you as a black girl with a tude, but understand that your natural hair will not accepted everywhere. My hair, as you already know from here and here , is not a loose wave or curl. My hair is thick, coarse, and kinky! If I don’t implement a stretching method, such as 2 strand twists or sectioned braids, my hair remains a tightly coiled afro.

995498_563300956496_1139671939_nwash & go

I find it ridiculous that even in the natural hair community there are still rankings of good hair to bad hair. Bone straight down to loose curl or wave down to tight coils & kinks!? Like really hair is hair y’all! Different types and textures does not mean that one class of hair is better than the other. Most girls think going natural automatically means they will have loose curly hair, and have a breakdown when they realize their real texture. I understand that natural hair is not the easiest to manage, especially when going to salons who want to add some chemical to make their job easier. The hair God graced you with is beautiful and how people react to it shouldn’t determine how you feel about yourself or your hair. Find styles that represent you and the occasion, make sure the health of your hair isn’t compromised, and wear it like the crown it is.

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