What I Wore: Holiday Party

After trying on outfit after outfit I narrowed down what I wanted to wear to my company’s christmas party to 3 options. If you’ve been keeping up you got to see all 3 options on me here for you to choose from. The reason I wanted you to choose was so that I could show you that you, yes you, have a creative ability. You might think what’s so hard about choosing an outfit, but there are a lot of people who think that they can’t put things together. I get it, some people are more “fashionable” than others, but that doesn’t discredit you from forming a style opinion. You have more talent than you give yourself credit for!

After getting all the responses from the blog & different social media platforms this outfit won

photo 1photo-27photo 3

I had to change the white top that was originally with this outfit because I got make up on it and no time to wash it. At the event I received so many compliments of how great I looked so thank you so much for choosing this one! I paired it with the same clutch, accessories, and shoes as shown here. My hair is currently in a protective style which I’m finding so easy to maintain. Take a look below and have an amazing weekend!

photo 1 (1)Top, Skirt, Coat: H&M Shoes: Pierre Dumas Accessories: a boutique & Live Fashion Forward @_lff_ Makeup: Ruby Woo by MAC

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