b u l l s e y e.

h a p p y m o n d a y ! !

photo 5

Striped Peplum top: Forever 21 Black Jeans: Love Culture Accessories: Forever 21 & Live Fashion Forward @_lff_ Lips: Media by MAC

This weekend really just passed me by I promise I accomplished nothing I wanted to. My intention was to finish a book I’ve been reading, change my room around, and start some early spring cleaning. I did end up cleaning…my entire house! If you are thorough like me you know its an all day job. Surprisingly I found some energy to attend the Bullseye Unplugged show by London McKoy. As late as I was [ don’t judge ] I had an amazing time hearing London live, catching up with old friends, and meeting some new ones.



photo 2 photo 4

Faux Leather Jacket: boutique Faux Fur Vest: The Loft Harem Pants & Black High Low Top: Love Culture Lips: Media by MAC

After the show I got to run into vintage jewelry collector, Jacynth Johnson, of I AM R.A.R.E. who I’ve purchased 2 pairs of earrings from before.  If you remember my confusion here, I made sure to confirm that my next purchase wasn’t shoe clips. As I was catching up with Jacynth I found out that she did London’s hair for the show, is Jamaican [hence our instant connection], and that she has started a vintage collection.


E.V.E.R Collection was created to adorn vintage lovers in unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. This collection combines Jacynth’s love for vintage jewelry and her organization. I ended up finding another awesome pair of earrings that I may end up wearing sooner than I thought. Remember when I gave some outfit tips for holiday parties here, I also stated I wanted you to select my outfit for my office holiday party. See below for first option and tell me what you think!

photo 2 (1)

photo 4 (1)

photo 3

I know, I know, its cold outside where am I going with this dress!? I’ll pair it with some black tights for the walk from my car to the venue geesh. I really like this dress hope you do too, but remember I have 2 more outfit options to show you so stay tuned!

For additional images of the performance: Razorsharp Babershop

For the E.V.E.R collection

Visit: rareiam.org

IG: evercollection

want to keep up with me




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