What to Wear for your Christmas Office Party

Its that time of year that we all love because we get to shop, be around family and friends we don’t see on a day to day, eat tons of food and treats, and attend get togethers and parties. I’ll be attending my company’s annual christmas party soon at a country club. Now I know there won’t be many others their besides my coworkers , however I still want to look amazing so I can snap some cute pics in front of the huge tree the put up. Since I am on a budget so I can get gifts fro my loved ones I want to shop in my closet this year. In the days to come I’ll be showing some an item in three different ways and see which gets the best response for you. Yes I want you to dress me for my office party!

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Since I’m a visual kind of girl I took a trip over to one of my favorite sites currently, Pinterest, to see what ideas I can come up with. Take a look below because you may see something similar to what you already own.

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want to keep up with me



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