London McKoy’s Bullseye Unplugged

I don’t know about you but I love music, good music, music with a positive message, something that I can relate to. Music that has a killer beat, good lyrics, and above all amazing talent. I will say off the bat I can’t do rock,  it’s just that one genre I can’t get into. Nevertheless due to some crazy buzz on my IG and twitter feed I came across an artist who I think the some music fans will grow to enjoy.

It pains me to say this, but I have to repeat my mother in saying that music is not what what it once was. In my personal opinion everyone talks about the same thing in a different context. The artist who I’ve had the luck of running into at a recent concert is London McKoy.


London, singer and songwriter from Newark, New Jersey, allows her music to reflect the melting pot she calls home. Her voice and and lyrics are truly a mix of some musical legends like Stevie Wonder, Anita Baker, and Ella Fitzgerald. London is able to lyrically combine r&b, soul, hip – hop, jazz, and folk. Her recently released EP BULLSEYE is her “is this mic on” to the world of music!

Want to hear more?

Join London on Saturday Dec. 7th at Razorsharp Barber Shop in Metuchen, NJ 

photo 2

Want to keep up with London:

Follow: @_LovelyLondon

BULLSEYE: Download it now

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