It’s December!

h a p p y  m o n d a y!

photo (1)

I’m so happy that it’s December.

I love the holidays for the special lattes, dinners and parties, hot chocolate with marshmallows, ice skating, snowboarding, but most important the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ with family and friends. I don’t mind the snow too much… well the clean snow that’s freshly fallen. Not the slushy brown mush it ends up becoming. Although this time is known for celebration I can’t help but think about those less fortunate and without the company of family, shelter, or food. This year I want to donate, feed the homeless, and encourage even one person so they know that are not alone. If you have any ideas or tips please let me know!

This weekend was great mainly because it was a four – day chance to relax, play catch up, and spend time with loved ones. Thanksgiving was a blast at my cousins house this year. We had more food than we could have imagined. I mean several people fell into food comas after the first plate. This year we celebrated health, family, and love. Grateful that we are still able to share this special holiday together. I chose to wear my favorite [loose] orange dress from H&M with some brown booties I found at Target. Because I ran out of time, I threw my hair in a high puff, wore a chunky necklace, and arm candy. I didn’t get any solo pictures, but you get the point from what I was able to capture.

photo 2

I also spent the weekend celebrating my cousin’s birthday. We went to watch Platanos and Collard Greens which was hilarious, but educational. It touched on so many topics of race, heritage, education, and tradition in different races. One topic was one what I was recently discussing with a few friends.


An article was written from poll results showing that African-American women are found to be the least attractive of all the races. While African-American men are found to be the most attractive of all the races. One of my friends brought up that African-American men are more attracted to approach and date women who are of a light complexion or different race, typically skinny or petite, with long straight hair. I couldn’t help but agree because it’s all I’ve noticed from the music videos I used to watch, commercials I would see between shows, even in social media.

African-American women have a horrible stereotype of being loud, rambunctious, and verbally abusive towards men and women of the same race. Unfortunately this stereotype is shown worldwide, so the general consensus of African-American women is ghetto/ hood rat/ ratchet. If a woman of that race doesn’t show those characteristics she is viewed as stuck up and sometimes bashed for carrying herself in a high esteem.

In the play the lead male role who is dating a Hispanic women ends up clarifying that he is attracted to AA women, however his girlfriend just happens to be outside of his race. He does not receive approval from his girlfriend’s mother who believes that her dating an AA man will lead to her grandchildren having ” dark skin” and”bad hair”.

 I don’t believe that we have date solely within our specific races. I don’t believe that any one race is better looking than the other. We are all fearfully and wonderfully made to look like God. I get it, when you first meet someone you are naturally attracted to the outside appearance. Looks fade so be sure that your are attracted to their personality, standards and morale! On a lighter note I really enjoyed the play and do recommend checking it out. I chose to wear my tweed H&M dress [NYC winter is no joke] with black heels and spiked earrings. Take a look below!

photo photo 4 photo 3


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