Thankful for Thanksgiving Wear


Listen I don’t know about you, but I plan on going into several food comas for thanksgiving. I have waited too long for some of my favorite dishes and I intend on enjoying every bite. You know that one favorite dish you only get once, maybe twice a year? I am plotting with Stevie J hand rubs to dig in! But on the flip side I have to consider my attire for family pictures. Honestly I plan on having a food baby, but not showing it.

When you think comfort you may automatically think sneakers and sweatpants. I mean really who wants to have to unbutton their jeans when they realize they can’t breathe!? Maybe leggings and a loose sweater with your favorite boots. But what if you’re going to a friends house or to a nice holiday party….

I’ve come across some looks [ thank you Pinterest] to help you enjoy the holiday while looking “comfy cute” for that annoying relative who still pinches your cheeks, your boyfriends’ family, or at home with friends and close ones. Enjoy!

comfy cute around family & friends


for my legging lovers!

if you’re feeling very chic!



consider channeling your inner Clueless!


I’ll do my best to snap a few pictures of what I decided to wear, how I’ll style my hair, and maybe a plate or two!

Happy Holidays to you & yours!

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