The Greenhouse Method

For those combating dry hair due to the weather change I might have a solution for you!


The greenhouse effect, aka GHE, is a method that many naturals use to increase hair growth.  It is a moisture infusing treatment that works via three simple things: a plastic shower cap or plastic bag, an oil of choice, and heat naturally produced from your head. The belief is that your scalpwill thrive because it is gaining moisture. This method is typically practiced overnight here a few steps to follow to ensure your GHE method trial will work!

1. Optional: massage your scalp with an oil of choice; apply some oil and/or water on the length of your hair

2. Style your hair in a bun, ponytail,  braids, or twists

3. Cover your hair with a plastic bag or cap, [for additional warmth use an extra scarf or bonnet than norm]; more warmth = better results

4. Keep your hair covered overnight or for a long period of time to create greenhouse steam effect

5.  In the AM remove plastic cap and allow your hair to dry naturally on its own or via the use of a blow dryer on a cool setting. [your hair should feel slightly damp and not wet]

6. Moisturize and seal your hair as usual and style your hair as desired.

Personal benefits of using the GHE method

  • hair growth
  • softer hair
  • successfully combats dryness
  • moisturized hair has more definition

Since we have about 4 months of cold weather to look forward to now is a great time to apply the GHE method. Because no one knows your hair better than you, choose how many days a week you want use this trial method. For myself I try to apply this regimen  2 to 3 days a week. You can  also alternate between scalp massages to help improve blood flow in your scalp and generate hair growth.

In order to successfully see if this method is working for you I recommend a length check prior to starting the GHE method and continue checking bi-weekly or monthly depending on your average hair growth. Let me know if you’re interested in using this method for you hair regimen? If you have already, how did it work out for you?

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