Winter Hair Care Tips

Look at the ends of your hair.

Notice anything different…any snapping when you run your fingers through your hair, experiencing more breakage than you’re used to, hair feeling dry or brittle. It’s that time of year when your hair gets a little wake up call and like you, if not properly dressed and covered up, can get a little weak.


The ends of your hair, regardless of if it is natural or chemically straightened, are the weakest and most fragile part of your hair. Let me back up so I don’t lose you in explanation. “Hair growth begins inside the hair follicle.The only living portion of the hair is found in the follicle (the part beneath the skin). The hair that is visible is the hair shaft, which exhibits no biochemical activity and is considered dead.” Your hair will not retain length  if you don’t properly maintain the health of your hair.  Today I wanted to teach, reiterate, or enforce what you may already know about the LOC and Greenhouse Method.

However prior to all that I feel it very necessary that you, yes you, know how to best take care of your hair. You cannot always rely on a beautician to take care of your hair. Some are too scissor happy, some are envious of your hair, some just plain ol’ don’t care about your hair as long as you leave and it looks nice. All in all pay them and go on your way. Now I AM NOT SAYING THAT THIS APPLIES TO EVERY BEAUTICIAN, so don’t send me hate mail. I am speaking from what I know to be true from my own personal experiences of relying on someone else to do my hair. In the words of a great friend “when you know better you do better” boom!


  1. Trim your hair regularly to remove dry, damaged ends. Avoid leaving dead ends on the hair, as these can split further up the hair shaft and cause additional damage. Schedule trims once every six to 12 weeks for best results.
  2. Be gentle when brushing or combing to avoid further damage to your hair. I recommend the finger combing method, because it has proven to be the safest way to gently detangle through my curls. The best time to detangle my hair is during wash day with water and conditioner. Water is naturally a great hair detangler while conditioner should add extra “slip” to properly combat any tangles. My curl pattern is very tight so to evenly distribute any product through my hair without causing damage I use my fingers.
  3. Conditioner wash aka co-wash you hair diligently. Pay special attention to the ends of the hair during conditioning; this hair is the oldest, and is typically the most damaged. Use conditioners formulated for dry or damaged hair; these formulas are generally water based,  thicker, and richer than other common conditioning products. Use nourishing leave-in conditioners between showers and while styling for extra relief.
  4. Opt for more natural hairstyles while you’re trying to repair your hair. Braid, twist or set your hair for style that doesn’t require much manipulation,  heat, or chemical treatments. The best styles typically involve your ends being tucked away, like a bun or roll and tuck. Take care not to braid or pull hair too tightly; this can cause hair loss in the areas that are pulled too tightly, known as traction alopecia. Use heat-protectant spray before drying in the event heat styling is unavoidable, and use heat sparingly.
  5. Pamper your hair with special treatments. Use hot oil treatments or hair masks in addition to your ramped-up conditioning regimen. Try vitamin E, protein or cholesterol treatments formulated for dry and damaged hair. You can find treatments at any drugstore, beauty supply, or salon. Choose a product with nourishing ingredients, such as jojoba or coconut oil.
  6. Make sure that you are keeping your ends and hair protected with satin bonnets and/or pillowcases. This helps to keep in the products you applied to your hair overnight. It also helps not to wake up to strands of hair that may have been pulled out while you slept. Curly hair has a way of getting snagged with the fibers of the material on your bedding.

I really hope this helps you in combating the harsh weather we are about to face. Please be mindful of the coats and scarves you decide to wear as the hairs on the nape of your neck are affected by them more than you think.  Let me know how our hair is doing and/or if you have any other hair tips & tricks. Till next time stay fly dolls & kens!!

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