Oomph to My Ensemble

H A P P Y M O N D A Y !
photo 1 (1)

Utility Jacket: Forever 21 White Shirt: Forever 21 Accessories: Forever 21 Watch: Live Fashion Forward @_lff_

I hope that you had an amazing weekend with your family and friends because the weather was gorgeous for mid fall. To end any possible lighting confusion, yes I did add a little color to the ends of my hair. It wasn’t planned, I literally walked in the kitchen at the same time my sister was coloring her hair. There happened to be some color left over so I said why not go for it!? I don’t believe that because I “chemically altered” my hair with the addition of color that I am not still 100% natural. My hair hasn’t changed its

4b/4c curl pattern and thankfully no damage or breakage.  Now that we’ve talked hair ompfh, lets talk weekend fun!

photo 4

White Lace Collar Top: Forever 21 Blue Pants: Forever 21 Accessories: H&M & Forever 21 Watch: Live Fashion Forward @_lff_

This season is full of a variety of colors so why shouldn’t your attire be? The color can be added through pants, jeans, nail polish, blazer, or lipstick. Over the weekend I was able to grab some tickets for the newly released sequel Best Man Holiday. I know a lot of people have not had a chance to watch it yet so I won’t go into details. What I will say is bring box of tissues because the emotional rollercoaster the cast takes you through is serious! I need to see it again just to hear some lines I missed through the crowds reactions during key scenes. Moving along….

photo 3 (1)

Sweatshirt: Forever 21 Chambray Top: H&M Black Skirt: H&M Accessories: H&M & Forever 21 Watch: Live Fashion Forward @_lff_ Wedge Sneakers: Vera Wang 

I attended a game night in Brooklyn, NY for Church of Laugh last weekend and received a lot of compliments on my last minute outfit. Please keep in mind it was a bit brisk so my faux fur vest from The Loft is missing from the picture. Truth moment: I didn’t know what to expect, what type of crowd it was going to be, or what was happening besides games. The event had a great turn out with the ages ranging from teens to late twenties. The life size games were Connect 4, Jenga, Traditional Cards, and Checkers. Due to my outfit and a little “playful” roughness I didn’t participate in musical chairs or Taboo. I am looking forward to another game night where I will make sure I’m rocking some jeans or sweats.

photo 3

White Dress: Forever 21 Pink Crop Top: My Sister’s Closet (literally) Leather Jacket: Boutique Accessories: Forever 21 Watch: Live Fashion Forward @_lff_ Leopard Wallet: Target

I was able to end the weekend with a few of my favorite girls at a great spanish restaurant and enjoyed a holiday latte from beloved Starbucks, before stuffing my head back in my marketing book. For all of my college readers its almost break time ya’ll! All in all this was an amazing weekend 🙂

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