H&M Times Square!!



 Don’t double check your calendars. It’s not December 31st, but the countdown has begun in Times Square. The most anticipated H&M Grand Opening for it’s 12th Manhattan location is literally minutes away. (GPS info for those glued to their phones: 4 Times Square between West 42nd and 43rd streets to be exact.) For those brave souls who are planning on venturing out in this suddenly December-esque degree weather to experience the multi-collab event, I salute you.

Not that you won’t be rewarded handsomely for waiting for-evv-verr just to get on the other side of those double doors. Here’s a short list of what you can expect if you dare to brave the icy NYC wind gusts and 30 degree temps (and possibly faint from sensory overload?) for a chance to snag some much blogged-about Isabel Marant goodies…or at least snap a pic of them:


1: Three Words — Twenty. Four…

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