H&M does it again!

This post is a bit personal for me because I am a former employee of H&M. Knowing what happens behind the scenes, the hustle and bustle of the precious shipment, the special placement of visual merchandising team to capture the consumers attention. Its all good and fun when its a must have piece from a designer you admire. Parisian designer, Isabel Marant, is set to release her collaboration with H&M tomorrow, November 14th!

Marant got her start in the 1990’s designing clothing that’s the epitome of equal parts rocker, luxe boho, off duty and modern chic. She’s known for creating a clothing culture for women who want clothes that are classic staples, transitional, and carefree with a Parisian twist.


The Isabel Marant for H&M collection is classic Marant: masculine tailoring, strong shoulders and cocooning cuts in jackets and coats, loose blouses, airy dresses, and textured knits. Skinny and cropped leather pants bring a sternness that’s softened by loop-knit pieces. White trousers and slouchy boots with fringed detailing with masculine outerwear. For the very first time, Marant has created a compact wardrobe for men. It includes accurately tailored outerwear and chunky knits, leather biker pants, western-style jeans and shirts paired with the quintessential hooded sweatshirt.

Does what you read sound fashionably enticing? Is your interest peaked to see what the designer created with such a fast fashion store like H&M? Considering calling out of work to snag a few pieces? Take a look below for more images of what you expect tomorrow at your local H&M or H&M online. Enjoy!



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