Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!

I have to share this with you because I personally needed encouragement. The reassurance of where my help truly comes from. The encouragement to keep going without complaining. The push behind my praise instead of feeding my discouragement. I am not pastor or ordained leader of the church, just a servant being transparent. Not everything goes the way I want it to when I want it to. If it did I wouldn’t learn to trust, have  patience, or need God in my life. Currently I am not in the place in my life that I want to be in because of the choices I’ve made in the past. At those times the choices seemed good, but looking back I wish I would have known then what I know now.

I can sit and wallow in my own personal jail of depression and if only’s, but ain’t nobody got time for that!  First I’ll take it God, “Lord I believe, help my unbelief” Mk 9: 24 , second I’ll encourage myself with the Word, and third I’ll take action towards what I need to do.

ImageProxyBelow is one of the devotional emails I receive daily from well known Pastor Joel Osteen that encourage, teach, and motivate me to stay strong in my faith and belief that “all things are possible through Christ who strengthens me” Ph 4:13. Beloved I pray that this helped you to dust off depression and frustration, trust completely in who God has called you to be, and put on the garment of praise (“to give them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness” Isa 61:3).

If God were to show you right now the good that He has in store for your life, I believe it would boggle your mind.

You may have seen God’s goodness in the past, but it’s nothing compared to what He has prepared for your future. God is shifting things in your direction. New and unprecedented favor is coming your way.

Regardless of your circumstances, you don’t have to spend one more day of your life worried, uncertain or stressed out.

You’re too blessed to be stressed!
That’s more than a catchphrase. It’s the truth of God’s Word.

The Scripture says that when you honor God with your life, He puts a commanded blessing on you:

“And all these blessings shall come upon you
and overtake you…”
 Deuteronomy 28:2 NKJV
The commanded blessing is like a magnet. It draws in the favor of God.

Good breaks are drawn to you. New opportunities are drawn to you. Creativity, promotion, influence, resources and divine connections are all drawn to you because you’ve become a magnet for God’s goodness!

God’s Word says, “…blessings reward the righteous” (Proverbs 13:21).

Because of Jesus, you have been made righteous before Almighty God. Your righteousness is not based on your own good works — it’s based on the work Jesus did on your behalf.

Today, wholeheartedly put your faith in that incredible work from God.

If you’ll put aside worry and stress and just trust God, you’ll discover that the blessings of God are looking for you — right now!

Here’s a very important key to remember:

You don’t have to seek the blessings.
Seek God and the blessings will seek after you!

The right people will find you! The promotion will come your way! That life-changing opportunity will track you down!

You don’t have to go after the blessings — just go after God. Keep Him first place, and God promises He will bless your life in ways you can’t even imagine.

God has called you, equipped you, empowered you and chosen you for great things. Get ready to receive what He has already set in motion for your life.

Signed Joel Osteen

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