Fall Flannels

Hola!! Today I want to explore one of my fall favorites: flannel shirts! These shirts have been my favorite of this season since I was little girl running around in the Brooklyn streets trying to get a beef patty, and not miss the dollar van. Besides being back in style as a “trend”, these shirts are actually comfortable! Truth or truth moment: everything we wear to make a “fashion statement” is not always comfortable.Especially now a days when the quality of what we buy is horrible. As a Fashion Merchandising major I look at the fashion industry totally different than as a consumer. Fast fashion may fulfill your temporary closet requirement, but then the “quality over quantity” morale goes out the window.

Focus Char focus! Flannel shirts can be worn in a variety of ways such as, buttoned up, tied around your waist, a layered accent, or as a jacket. I love the versatility, warmth, and comfort of flannel shirts. Below are a few flannel shirts, some are the originals while others have a little 2013 twist! Happy viewing some possibilities to add to wardrobe this season. Chao!

The Faded Shade Plaid Ombre Shirt


50/50 Boyfriend Flannel Shirt

main.original.466x530 (1)

Lumberjack Pocket Shirt

main.original.466x530 (2)

Paloma Plaid Sleep Shirt

main.original.466x530 (3)

Women’s Brushed Flannel Long Sleeve 2 Pocket Button Down Shirt

main.original.466x530 (4)

Western Lumberjack Shirt

main.original.466x530 (6)

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