Bantu Knots

Hey hey hey! Have you ever gone on a social network for inspiration? You know for hair, makeup, or nail tips that you aren’t getting on your normal day to day. Braidouts and twist outs only go but so far before they feel mundane and womp-womp. Well the other day I was scrolling through my Instagram feed to see if I could be inspired to try something new with my hair. I saw Theresa Thomson, of The Glam Station By Tee, pull off these gorgeous bantu knots and was determined to give it a try.

photoNow I knew ahead of time that my hair wasn’t going to come out perfect because this was my first time trying this style. I also knew it wouldn’t look as fabulous as Theresa’s because her blonde color is giving this do serious life! Regardless I set out to attempt this style jet black hair, peek a boo gray’s since middle school, and all. My hair was in a two week old braid out, so it was stretched to capacity. With no additional products or water I took small – medium sections of hair, set them in two strand twists, and twisted them into bantu knots. I purposely made the front sections smaller than the back for more definition. Surprisingly it wasn’t hard to sleep like I have heard from other naturals who have attempted this style.  See below for images of the take down and style.

photo 1photo 3photo 4photo 5

Can you tell how much I loved this look? Theresa went I Love Lucy with her finished look, but I decided to be glam grunge. My braces are turning me into a rockstar! If you have tried this look or have tips please share, I want to attempt this style again for the upcoming Natural Hair Brunch Affair.

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IG: theglamstationbytee

FB: Theresa Thomson


Top: Forever 21

Earrings: old boutique

Necklace: Ashley Stewart

Watch: Michael Kors

Makeup: MAC eyebrows: Spiked lips: Ruby Woo


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