Truth or Truth?


Lets play truth or truth!

When was the last time you went to the gym?

When was the last time you worked out?

When was the last time you weighed yourself?

When was the last time you said “I’ll go tomorrow”?

My “scouts honor” answers are I don’t remember, ummm maybe two weeks ago, this morning (dropped 7lbs tks to good eating habits), and yesterday. The purpose of my game is to get you to tell yourself the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Summer has come and gone, all bathing suits have been tucked away, and the fall layers are piling on as the days get colder. So what happens to our summer bodies now?

We pick up where we left off or we eat ourselves silly, and make another new years resolution that won’t make it past March. Listen, I get it.  Who wants to work out when your body parts are going to be all covered? No one will see if I have a flat stomach, toned arms, and slender legs. Any extra jiggle can be held in by a quick purchase of spanx, right? Lies you tell through the teeth God gave you! Stop with the excuses you used to hear people telling you when they fell off the gym radar. Regardless of how long its been since you broke a sweat or what you’ve been eating you can start again.

photo 1

So what you never reached your summer weight goal! Whatever the excuse is flush it down the drain. This is the best time to make your workout gear purchases, come up with a strategic meal and workout plan, and get it done! The machine you used to wait for is now available because most of the crowd is now sitting on the couch. The class you used to want to take now has open spots because most people would rather channel surf. Get up and get a 20 min workout in for your body to get back in the groove.

photo 2

I am not a nutritionist or personal trainer, however I surround myself with people who are certified so I can learn from them.  Even if no one you know has the credentials there are plenty of people who give tips daily via social media. I’ve listed a few of my Instagram favorites below to motivate, encourage, and inspire you to get the body you want!

Nutrition: foodtipzcoachpcareherbalosophy101

Fitness: cardioexercisesmankofit

Motivation: officialnodaysoff

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